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Dandelion is a very ambitious film in terms of visual effects. Shooting on top of a wind turbine was not an option so we had to come up with a way of achieving our dramatic finale. 

The solution - corner bath units

We used software called Unreal Engine to previsulize the end scene on top of the turbine. We created an exact 3D replica of the corner bath units and our two actors and placed them in an environment we created similar to our location. Then we were able to move the camera around to see what angles we could get and and how it could look, which meant on the day we shot this scene we knew exactly what we need to do to achieve the final effect.

Screenshot 2023-03-05 at 11.19.27.png

On the day of the shoot we attached the 3 corner bath units together using white gaffer tape and built a stand for them using a table and a mattress. Shooting mainly against green screen we were able to achieve the shots we needed.


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