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Film Festivals & Awards

18th September - Fantasy/Sci-Fi Film & Screenplay Festival
23rd September - Saturn Returns Film Festival
23rd September - Boston Film Festival
26th October -
RS Film Festival
13th January - Symbiotic Film Festival
14th February - Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival
3rd March -
Film Buzz Festival London
9th March - Liverpool Indie Awards
21st March  - Crossing the Screen Film Festival
4th April -
The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction and Supernatural Festival
7th May - World London Film Festival
11th May -
Sparrowland Short Film Festival
15th May - Orlando International Film Festival
18th May - Wild Indie Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival
14th June - Glass Ceiling Breakers
14th June - Prague Actors and Filmakers Film Festival
26th June - Seattle Film Festival



The Garden Cinema
Covent Garden

Sunday 2nd April
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